On September 26th 2007, I announced RefactorMyCode.com, a side project of mine. It became very popular very quickly.

The site still has an active community of passionate programmers dedicated to making everyone’s code better. But it’s simply going nowhere since I have no time and interest to dedicate to it.

My hope is to find someone who is interested in doing something with it that will please the community.

RefactorMyCode is:

  • 872,219 Visits total
  • 681,559 Unique visitors
  • ~ 25,000 Visits / month average
  • 1,596,252 Pageviews
  • Google Page Rank of 5 (StackOverflow has PR of 6)
  • 2611 registered users
  • 8517 posted refactorings
  • Backend/server maintenance is entirely automated

Contact me if you’re interested.