As some of you might know, we started doing consultancy at my company, Sauté, to finance our startup, Talker. Things are going great at Talker, but the route to profitability is a long one. Since we’re bootstrapping this, we have to find other sources of revenues.

Finding nice gigs with a decent rate in Montreal is hard. So that’s why I’m trying something a little different: focusing on a niche I know a lot about, with a specific offer: custom made servers.

I Build Servers, Just For You

You know Thin right? Well, I often get requests for adding very specific stuff to it, or customize it for a specific need. I’ve always refused to do so, because Thin is an HTTP server, nothing else. As the name implies, it should stay thin. But what I’m launching now, is a service to build custom servers that will fit your specific needs.

If you need a:

  • web server with custom extensions or optimizations
  • chat server
  • proxy with specific routing rules
  • efficient API server
  • server that can scale horizontally
  • or simply help building your backend architecture

… then, my _Hey yo Marc, make me a server service was made for you.

Help Me Spread The Word

I need your help on this. Please tweet it, tell your mom, or whatever. I will appreciate it greatly. Thanks!