Yes, I’ve been at Standout Jobs for about two years now and things aren’t going great in the HR space. Although I think the product we built is great and the team is amazing, things are slowing down and we’re not needed anymore. I’ll be leaving on the October 6th.

Throughout the years I’ve created several open source projects and some websites, searching for an idea to start my own thing. I’ve had the desired to build a startup for more then three years but never thought I was ready.

Today I am.

Announcing Talker

I’ve been disappointed by Campfire and other group chat applications for quite a while. All those applications are stuck in the past and haven’t evolved, taking advantage of new technologies and computer power we have today. Group chat was such an important tool at Standout Jobs that I’m convinced any improvement on that side will sky rocket the productivity of any team using it.

So I’ve teamed up with Gary Haran to build something great.

If you find our idea interesting, please signup for the beta and wish us luck!