I specialize in training intermediate and advance programmers

  • Learn Rust Online — Live Online Class

    A live course to learn the basics of Rust fast.

    Rust is quickly becoming one of the important technologies of the future. This course will help you get a head start.

  • Owning Rails — Online Class

    The popular advanced Rails course that helped 1000+ developers level up.

    Don't get stuck in the framework ever again. Learn to dive into the source code of Rails on your own to debug, explore, extend and master it.

  • Neural Networks from scratch — Online Class

    An introduction to the world of machine learning and neural networks.

    If you can read Ruby code, you can follow this short course and understand neural networks.

  • Create Your Own Programming Language — Ebook

    The book that helped created CoffeeScript and many other languages.

    Want to create a programming language, but don't feel like going through one of those expensive and boring 1000-page books? Well, you're not alone ... This is the best system to create your first programming language.

  • The Great Code Club — Online Course

    Learn, improve, and raise your value by working on interesting projects from games, VMs, database engines, web frameworks to neural networks. Build projects that will land your dream job or get invited at conferences.

  • The Programming Language Masterclass — Online Class

    Master your most important tool, your programming language.

    Discover how JavaScript, Ruby, Python or Java work inside and learn to create your own.

  • The Truth About Event Loops — Online Class

    Master the internals of highly scalable server code.

    Do you really know when and why to use Node.js? You will, after taking this class.

  • Rebuilding a Web Server — Free Online Class

    The best way to learn is to rebuild. In this free class and I'll show you how a Ruby web server (such as Unicorn, Puma and Thin) work by rebuilding one from scratch.